"We need to return to learning about the land by being on the land, or better, by being in the thick of it. That is the best way we can stay in touch with the fates of its creatures, its indigenous cultures, its earthbound wisdom. That is the best way we can be in touch with ourselves." ~ Gary Paul Nabhan; The Geography of Childhood; Why Children Need Wild Places


Belfast Transition is a non-profit, grassroots organization with a strong spirit to encourage, organize, and support community efforts to build local resilience and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, in areas related to energy usage, permaculture, transportation, food, waste, local currencies, the heart & soul, and more. We thrive on re-localization through strengthening relationships with surrounding towns and organizations and honoring the contributing gifts that everyone in our community has for responding to a variety of global, social and environmental changes happening today.


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